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Towing Company


Welcome to Gainesville Towing Company where we specialize in 24 hour roadside assistance, wrecker service, flat bed, heavy duty and parking enforcement towing. We service all of Gainesville and Alachua County.

If you are in need of long distance towing, let us know. It would be our pleasure to provide assistance for your commercial towing needs. We offer a variety of services that would benefit any commercial business that relies on vehicles to distribute its products and services. For superior towing in Gainesville, look no further. A tow truck in Gainesville is more expensive than one would think. We offer towing and winch out services that are priced below market value.

About Us
There are many towing services in Gainesville. The key is to choose the right one. You can start by selecting the company that is licensed, bonded and insured. Should anything unexpected occur, know that you are covered. Our tow operators are professional and uniformed. If you are stranded on the side of the road, you will be able to recognize us by our branded truck and uniform. If you conduct an Internet search for tow truck near me, our company will be among the top five to populate. We have provided superior towing services to the Gainesville area for over 15 years and we look forward to 15 more.


If youre looking for a towing company in Gainesville that you can trust, youve come to the right place. We believe in ethical profitability. This means that we dont price gouge our customers. We will not charge you more for emergency services. Our wrecker service, winch outs, flat bed and heavy duty towing are priced based upon the mileage and scope of the work. We will never charge you for unnecessary services. If you desire a tow in Gainesville, expect a 15 to 45 minute ETA. If we are unable to reach you within that time span, the dispatcher will give you an opportunity to seek assistance with a competitor.

We offer a comprehensive tow truck service in Gainesville. Our company offers big city services at small town prices. With a fleet of 12 trucks there is literally nothing that we cannot do in the realm of towing and winching. Our company offers light, medium and heavy duty towing along with roll back service. We will never leave you stranded. This is our motto and its also a fact. For a tow service in Gainesville that you can rely upon, choose Gainesville Towing Company.

We are a tow truck company in Gainesville that offers 24 hour towing. Many companies advertise that they offer towing services 365 days of the year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, but when you attempt to call them after their normal business hours, they are unavailable. You are met with an answering service or voicemail. If you are stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or failed battery Gainesville Towing Company will come to your rescue.

My husband and I have a limousine service. During the busy season, our vehicles need to be serviced more often. We rely on Gainesville Towing Company whenever there is a towing issue. They always arrive in less than 25 minutes and they deliver our vehicles unscathed. Cathy & Matt S.

When you conduct a search for tow trucks near me, Gainesville Towing Company is one of the first five companies to populate. Consider our wrecker service when you are in need of a winch out, flat bed tow or heavy duty towing. If you are researching, towing service near me for parking enforcement towing, you should know that we offer compassionate towing. Our team moves fast and can tow any light to medium size vehicle in less than five minutes.
Our flat bed service is unsurpassed. Our trucks are relatively new and we keep them in tip top condition. If you are on the hunt for car towing near me and have reached an impasse, look no further. We offer commercial fleet towing for any business that relies on cars, trucks and vans to distribute its products and services. If you expect to utilize our services at least 4 times annual, we highly recommend a commercial towing contract.
I own a hair salon located next door to a Star Bucks. People are always using my lot to run in and grab a coffee next door. It frustrates me because they leave no space for my clients. I have Gainesville Towing Company on speed dial. They always arrive in less than ten minutes. Beth K.

Included within our heavy duty towing fees is a 24 hour impound service. After 24 hours, we will charge a fee. We also offer heavy duty recovery for semi trucks, tractor-trailers, RVs and buses. Our veteran tow operators follow best practices to ensure that safety policies are adhered. Gainesville Towing Company offers motor club towing for companies like AAA. Contact us to discuss your options. RV/recreational towing is very popular during the summer months. We are prepared with the heavy duty trucks and veteran tow operators.

Parking enforcement towing is extremely controversial in this area. Nonetheless, we do our job and we do it well. If you would like a vehicle removed from your downtown property, you can expect a 10 minute ETA. With our sizable fleet, we are bound to have a truck in close proximity. Junk car removal is another service offered for your convenience. Do yourself a favor and have that unsightly jalopy removed from the premises.
I took a short cut down a side street and wound up with a nail stuck in my tire. The flat was immediate. I called Gainesville Towing Company and was surprised at how fast they arrived. Fortunately, I had a spare and Tom changed it in less than 5 minutes. – Samantha B.

Contact Us For More Info

Contact Gainesville Towing Company for heavy duty equipment transportation. In certain circumstances we will travel long distance upon request. Our tow operators can remove unauthorized vehicles from your private property within 15 minutes. We typically have trucks stationed near the University and can arrive on the double. Repossession services are extended to financial institutions and auto dealerships. You supply us with all the pertinent information and we will do our due diligence to retrieve your property swiftly and without incident. Winching and car transport are two services offered upon request. For a complete list of prices, contact us today.

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